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Our Story

Borne out of a desire to create a revolutionary healthcare servicing company that works to improve lives and aid in the sustenance of good health for all. YTS Consulting Ltd is a medical diagnostic or investigation firm that specializes in medical imaging and pathology testing.

The company was incorporated in 2013 and since incorporation, has been operational in Essex, United Kingdom. We offer a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of an individual’s health condition through the use of our world class equipment and delivered excellently by our amiable staff members.


Our Core Values

Our core values at YTS Consulting Ltd are the following:

Diligence: our priority of concern to every customer is that we offer the most thorough analysis of their diagnostics before we send the results out.


Empathy: our staff are trained to understand the discomfort and haste with which customers appear at our facility for diagnosis and we render superior services to ensure customers feel comfortable with us.

Speed of delivery: just as much as we know being thorough is important to our customers, we also recognize that there must be a balance towards attaining perfection in allowable time frame.


Customer Confidence: the bedrock of today’s business success is its ability to safeguard the health information of its customers in confidence only between both parties. We recognize this need as well and we are spell-bound with every customer to ensure they enjoy this benefit in every dealing they have with us.

Integrity: YTS Consulting staff are expected to at all times represent the company in all honesty and integrity. No fraudulent or/and corrupt behavior is permitted from anyone.


Our Vision

Our vision at YTS Consulting Ltd is to become the recognized market leader in medical investigation service delivery in Africa .

Our Mission

It is YTS’s mission to serve patients & physicians with fast, accurate, private, reasonably-priced testing services. Our true desire is to exceed all of our customer’s expectations by going above and beyond for them. 

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